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David Bowie is getting a constellation

Tempting entertainment writers everywhere to make a lot of potentially ill-advised “Starman” references, a Belgian radio station and observatory have teamed up to honor David Bowie with his own constellation. Studio Brussell commissioned MIRA Public Observatory—a recognized member of the International Astronomical Union, the self-appointed group that determines stuff like this—to put together a set of seven stars to honor the unearthly artist, who died of cancer on January 10.

Set in the shape of a lightning bolt, reminiscent of the one that appears on Bowie’s face on the iconic Aladdin Sane, the configuration of stars (which is technically known as an asterism; “constellation” actually refers to the 88 regions of the night sky recognized by the IAU, and now we’ll stop being space pedants) is in the direction of Mars. Studio Brussell has also set up a Google Sky site where fans can see the constellation, and add notes with their favorite Bowie songs, in order to further contribute to this skybound tribute to The Man Who Sold The World. (Okay, now they’ve got us doing it, too.)


[h/t Pitchfork]

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