As evidenced in David Bowie’s new single, the fabled "Berlin years" of David Bowie and Iggy Pop continue to cast a long, gaunt shadow over rock ’n’ roll history. So now it’s time to turn that fable into a movie where two guys wear wigs and talk about drug addiction. Gabriel Range—director of the mockumentary Death Of A President, which imagined the assassination of George W. Bush—will indulge in just slightly less controversial fantasizing with Lust For Life, which imagines the nights of withdrawal and days of overdubs that produced that album, along with The Idiot and Bowie’s Low (none of which will likely be heard in the film, given that there’s nothing in the report about securing music rights). Range is using as his source material several Bowie and Pop biographies, but Berlin-based producer Egoli Tossell says that, actually, “the central character of the film will be the divided city of West Berlin,” who was one of those desperate hangers-on always seen at the clubs with Bowie and Pop, wearing too-tight pants and suggesting that, hey, maybe it could do backing vocals on “Sound And Vision”?