What sort of shenanigans might come about if the world’s most anonymous graffiti artist and a glam rock superstar were forced to share living quarters? Turns out lots of parkour, glitter paint, and, of course, delicious panini. Friendship All-Stars is from L/Studio and features stop motion animation in which two random (or related in some manner) celebrities are reimagined as colorful roommates to see what will happen. The claymation is impressive and the combinations usually lead to small but hilarious interactions. Like with Banksy and David Bowie sharing a flat:

Or Ron Perlman and Guillermo Del Toro marveling at Perlman’s newest sunglasses while Del Toro attempts to read the Necronomicon:

Or R.L. Stine being tasked with curing his roommate J.K. Rowling of her hiccups:

More installments can be found here, with pairings like Luis Guzman and John Lasseter, Ira Glass and Garrison Keillor, and others.