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David Blaine does some disgusting magic for Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

For his recent appearance on The Daily Show, David Blaine decided to take a break from his signature “Isn’t it freaky that I knew what your card was?”-style of magic and do something a bit more viscerally shocking. Maybe he was feeding off of how uncomfortable Trevor Noah looked or maybe the current cultural climate requires a more violent kind of magic, but Blaine certainly didn’t hold anything back. It’s called the Ice Pick Trick and it’s every bit as hair-raising as the name suggests.


“Do you want to see the, ‘Think of a 4-digit number that’s important to you [trick]’ or do you want to see the ice pick?” Blaine asked Noah, giving him a choice that isn’t really a choice. Everyone in that audience knew they wanted to see the damn ice pick. The street magician then proceeded to produce an ice pick from his pocket, wipe his hand down with an alcohol swab, and slowly stab the metal spike up through his own palm. All the while, Trevor Noah screamed and groaned, seemingly unable to look away from the horror show. Needless to say, his mind was freaked. Wait, that’s the other guy. Still, pretty good trick.

For the prestige, Blaine had Noah remove the ice pick to reveal his hand was completely unscathed. Unfortunately, the interview wrapped up before the magician could reveal the secret behind the trick—namely, that he is a bloodless psycho-demon sent from hell to blow our minds. To witness more evidence to that fact, be sure to check out Blaine on his North American tour.

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