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David Berman ends Silver Jews... and outs his dad as an evil corporate shill

The ever-enigmatic David Berman made a couple of announcements via the Drag City message boards this week. First off, he's ending Silver Jews—the group's last show will be Jan. 31 in a cave. (Yes, a real cave. Underground.) Apparently he wants to move into "screenwriting or muckraking."

To the latter end, Berman offered another post in the same thread, outing his father, Richard Berman, as a greedy corporate monster who he's been estranged from for years. It's pretty heavy-duty stuff for a message board.

Read Berman's posts in this thread.

Check out this website about Richard Berman.

And, below, a Silver Jews video AND a wacky anti-union commercial courtesy one of Daddy Berman's organizations.

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