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Illustration for article titled David Ayer to resurrect another suicide squad with iThe Dirty Dozen/i remake for Warner Bros.

David Ayer, who makes macho, artillery-packed movies about macho, cigar-chomping men, will finally achieve his destiny by writing and directing a remake of 1967's The Dirty Dozen. The story of a group of prisoners sent on a suicide mission during World War II, it’s a fitting project for the guy whose last movie was Suicide Squad. Simon Kinberg, ass still stinging from his Dark Phoenix debacle, will produce for Warner Bros.


Deadline notes the remake will be “contemporized” and share a tone with previous Ayer projects like The Fast And The Furious and Training Day. He’ll also apparently be rewriting a script by Daredevil and Defenders scribe Marco Ramirez—soon, it appears, as Warner Bros. reportedly wants the movie to start shooting next year. We imagine Sam Worthington and Jai Courtney have already been called in for screen tests.

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