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David Ayer has a few Suicide Squad regrets

(Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Considering all that took place after it debuted in August, Suicide Squad is one of 2016’s more minor abominations. It didn’t even land on The A.V. Club’s worst films of the year list, despite the critical drubbing it received upon release. Director David Ayer, however, is apparently working through some feelings about the film, composing a long note posted to Twitter in which he explains what he would change about the movie if he had the chance to redo it.

For example, Ayer says he’d make the Joker the main baddie, instead of relegating the character to the sidelines. Whether that would be a vast improvement on the original probably depends on how you feel about Jared Leto’s extra-hammy performance, but it also seems like a better choice than the largely nonsensical Enchantress plot. Speaking of, Ayer also notes he’d “engineer a more grounded story.”


Ayer will have a chance to make amends when he helms another DCEU project: the Margot Robbie-starring female villain vehicle Gotham City Sirens.


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