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Davey And Goliath creator dies

Sad news for lovers of creaky Christian propaganda: Dick Sutcliffe, creator of stop-motion animated kids' show Davey And Goliath, has died at the age of 90. Commissioned by the Lutheran Church in 1960 through Clokey Productions (the team responsible for Gumby), Davey And Goliath was a popular children's show that illustrated lessons about Christian morality through the various misadventures of a young boy and his dog Goliath, a blasphemous abomination who spoke to him telepathically in direct defiance of God's will. (Son Of Sam killer David Berkowitz would later infringe on that copyright.) Sutcliffe's creation ran for four years initially, but returned for intermittent specials, including 2004's Snowboard Christmas, during which Davey learned all about the holiday celebrations of his heathen Jewish and Muslim friends while showing off his wicked extreme sports skills. But perhaps Davey And Goliath's most lasting legacy will be offering definitive proof of the direct correlation between God's love and the refreshing taste of Mountain Dew.

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