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Dave Grohl’s daughter Violet joins Foo Fighters onstage to sing “My Hero”

It doesn’t matter how cool your job is—your kid is still likely to think you’re a dork, even if your dad is Dave Grohl. As the Foo Fighters played the Leeds Festival on August 23, Grohl brought out Violet, the eldest of his three daughters, to accompany her dad on the vocals for Foos classic “My Hero.”

Grohl is characteristically enthusiastic about his daughter, billing her as a “new Foo Fighter” and “the best singer in the Grohl family.” As any 13-year-old would, she gives her dad a few minor eye rolls while launching into the Foos classic, adding a sweet higher-level harmony to the song. It kicks off at a kind of subdued level (around the three-minute mark, if you want to bypass a bunch of Grohl’s British crowd banter), with Grohl explaining during the break, “Let me tell you what it’s like to be on tour with your daughter. You stay up all night watching horror movies and ordering room service,” as Violet grins beside him.

Then the song kicks into its typical higher gear, with Violet possibly a little embarrassed by her dad’s trademark rock screams and the fact that he bows down before her at the end, but offering a true pro performance in front of 60,000 people nonetheless. As Grohl explains, “She told me she wanted to sing this song together. You can sing it too, but I’ll only be listening to her.” It’s a clip designed to choke up even the dorkiest parents among us.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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