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Dave Grohl’s broken leg nukes Foo Fighters tour dates


Apparently, there’s only one way to stop Foo Fighters: broken bones. The band has had to cancel the rest of its forthcoming U.K./European tour dates, including a June 26 headlining gig at Glastonbury, due to Dave Grohl’s shattered fibula. In a letter published along with the cancellation notice, the frontman revealed the break—which happened when he fell off the stage during a June 12 show at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden—required surgery in London and earned him some stabilizing hardware: “Here I am, recovering with six metal screws in my leg, thinking about a lifetime of holding up TSA lines from here to Kalamazoo.”

Grohl also shared the before and after X-rays of his leg, and detailed that his EMT, Johan, actually held his dislocated ankle together on stage at the fateful show until a cast could arrive from the hospital. “I don’t know who was more scared, me or Johan,” he wrote. “Five minutes later, I don’t know who was having more fun, me or Johan.” In fact, for a guy recovering from major surgery and facing some scotched tour dates, Grohl seemed to be in remarkably good spirits in his letter, joking about the lyrical puns he was able to make (“Let’s just say that singing our song ‘Walk’ with a straight face was pretty goddamned hard. ‘These Days’ was a good one, too. (Easy for you to say! Your leg has never been broken!”) and even ending the note with an approving nod to this year’s controversial Glastonbury headliner: “Kanye…..Imma let you have this one…..”


Canceled Foo Fighters tour dates:

June 19 & 20—Wembley Stadium—London, U.K.

June 23—BT Murrayfield Stadium—Edinburgh, U.K.

June 25—Festivalpark Werchter—Werchter, Belgium

June 26—Glastonbury Festival 2015

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