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Dave Grohl launches new BBQ project by serving free brisket to California firefighters

Earlier this year, Dave Grohl chatted to GQ about his new obsession: BBQ. “I have spent far too long lost down a YouTube wormhole, watching videos on how to make the best spice rub for the perfect brisket,” he said. “When I get back to LA I’m taking a butchery course.”


That course must have gone well, because the Foo Fighters frontman has launched his own barbecue-focused project called, appropriately, Back Beat BBQ. He “debuted” his signature creations this past weekend by serving the California firefighters battling the ongoing Woolsey Fire. One firehouse in Calabasas took to Instagram to share a photo of Grohl with the firefighters and their families.

“It was awesome to get a visit tonight from Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters,” the station wrote. “Thanks Dave! [The BBQ] was excellent!”

Grohl has a long history of being awesome, whether he’s stumping for progressive political candidates, hiring stuntmen to reenact his own trauma, or designing a throne while high. Becoming a pit master is yet another bold move from the one-time Nirvana drummer; Food & Wine reports that he learned his craft under the tutelege of Tennessee chef Billy Terrell, and that he hordes numerous smokers—including an impressive Big Green Egg—at his San Fernando Valley home.

Back Beat BBQ just launched its own Instagram page, and the latest post finds Grohl personally thanking the firefighters. “To all the @losangelesfiredepartment and @lacountyfd heroes we met last night...thank you,” Grohl writes. “It was an honor to cook for you.”

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