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Dave Grohl designed a throne while high, and somebody actually made it

(Image by: Getty Images)

Dave Grohl handled wiping out on stage during a Foo Fighters show in Sweden last month in typical Dave Grohl fashion: Not only did the genial frontman return to the stage once his ankle had been set, but he later joked about all the special attention he’ll be getting in airports while it heals.

Despite canceling their remaining European tour dates, the Foo Fighters were back over the weekend with a show at Washington D.C.’s RFK Stadium, where they celebrated 20 years as a band and 239 years of independence from the British. It’s also where Grohl unveiled the throne he designed while “high as fuck” on oxycontin and morphine during his hospital intermission in Sweden:


As you can see, Grohl’s original blueprints included such details as “lazers [sic] and shit shooting from the top,” a flashing band logo, and a base made from guitar necks and the mythical “speaker cabinet material.” What he ended up with had less weaponry and feces, which is probably for the best.

Here’s Grohl strumming his guitar and telling the story of the chair’s creation.

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