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Combining the sobering psychological insight of The Bob Newhart Show with the hilarity of Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster, FX is currently prepping a half-hour comedy about a rock band that submits to therapy as a last-ditch effort to avoid breaking up (which, maybe don’t bother?). The show will star stand-up comic and former Simpsons writer Dana Gould—presumably as the “misanthropic couple’s therapist on the verge of divorce” that’s described in the logline—and it will be executive produced by Dave Grohl, whom Gould approached at some sort of meeting for Likable Guys Who Share The Same Initials or something. ("No Dave Gahans.") And of course, it’s just the latest of several rock-related comedies to cross the development season transom lately, ranging from ABC’s comedy about a reunited ’90s riot grrl group to Fred Durst’s Douchebag sitcom that has yet to gain traction, possibly because CBS executives keep thinking the producers are just joking. But this one is executive-produced by Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, meaning it may not be the most innovative show you’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty solid, you know, for what it is.


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