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Dave Franco to play an intern who’s also an assassin in his first starring role

Interns have it pretty rough. They work horrible jobs that nobody would want, sometimes for literally no money, and all for the assurance that doing so is required before you can get a real job. “You have to pay your dues,” they say, failing to realize that all jobs will soon be filled by robots and/or snarky bloggers, making even the best internships totally pointless. But soon, interns all across the world will be able to vicariously get their revenge as they see evil corporate masters brutally murdered by the interns they oppress—in a movie. (We need to stress that last part, so no interns out there get any ideas about finding a hopeful light at the end of their darkness.)

Anyway, said movie is The Intern’s Handbook, based on a novel of the same name by Shane Kuhn. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s about a secret legion of assassins who pose as interns, so they can infiltrate corporations and assassinate corrupt executives. Dave Franco is set to play protagonist John Lago, who THR describes as able to “get coffee and make copies like no one else while stealthily ratcheting up a body count”—which is certainly a good thing to list on your résumé. This will be the younger Franco’s first major lead role, with him previously being most known for looking vaguely similar to his brother, and also playing supporting, smug-type guys at least one or two or three times.


One of The Intern’s Handbook’s producers, Neal Moritz, explained his excitement for the project by saying, “The mantra is that interns are invisible, which makes them so good as assassins. No one sees them coming.” The terrifying thing is that he’s really onto something there. So maybe we should all be a little nicer to interns, so they don’t assassinate us. Or maybe we should be meaner to them so they remember their place? Either way is probably fine.

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