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Dave Chappelle might be joining the cast of Spike Lee’s musical comedy

Moving quickly to fill the “rich, immensely talented black guy who people are a little quick to write off as crazy” niche left by the absence of Kanye West, Spike Lee has apparently announced that comedian Dave Chappelle is joining the cast of his musical comedy Chiraq (which may or may not now be called Chi-raq). Lee posted a picture of himself with the Chappelle’s Show star on what looks to be the set of the film, a retelling of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata on the streets of a violence-torn Chicago.


Of course, it’s possible that being “Aboard Da CHA-RAQ Peace Train” is just Lee’s way of saying Chappelle stopped by the set for a visit; the stand-up comedian hasn’t acted in a film since 2002’s Undercover Brother. But if he does plan to star in Chi-raq, he’ll be joining a cast that reportedly includes John Cusack, Wesley Snipes, and Nick Cannon as a rapper, because, as we all know, Nick Cannon’s hilarious.

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