Dave Chappelle on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Back in April, self-described “court jester” (and self-evident douche) Christian Englander went to see Dave Chappelle’s stand-up in Santa Fe. Englander brought his friend Johnny Appleseed, an Englander-certified “sensitive artist” (these guys must travel in packs). At some point, Chappelle made a crack about Appleseed doodling during his set. Despite his undoubtedly great sense of humor, Englander took offense on his friend’s behalf and threw a banana peel at Chappelle.

Englander insisted he was just expressing his displeasure with Chappelle’s set, like any good jester would. He shrugged off the racial implications of throwing a banana peel at a black comedian, even though he did the exact same thing to a different black man two nights later. Englander described the second incident as “ironic commentary” on the first. He was arrested and Santa Fe mayor Javier Gonzales vowed to throw the book at him.


It turns out it was actually more of a pamphlet because as of Friday, Englander is once again free to be an asshole with or without fruit. Santa Fe’s KRQE reports the charges against him have been dropped provided he completes his community service. Maybe Englander and the girl who played rock-paper-scisssors to get out of a ticket for underage drinking can get together to discuss the “irony” of unfair sentencing in this country.