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Dave Bautista's My Spy never actually came out, so it'll now hit Amazon Prime at the end of June

Illustration for article titled Dave Bautistas iMy Spy/i never actually came out, so itll now hit Amazon Prime at the end of June
Photo: Rich Polk (Getty Images for IMDb)

If there’s any example of pre-coronavirus excess that seems completely bizarre now, it’s the fact that last summer was supposed to see the theatrical release of two movies about Dave Bautista playing a tough action guy in a mismatched buddy comedy: Stuber (featuring Bautista and funny person Kumail Nanjiani) and My Spy (featuring Bautista and little girl Chloe Coleman). Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and only one of those movies was released, with the other—My Spybeing bumped back to April of 2020. Unfortunately for Dave Bautista, the coronavirus pandemic happened and My Spy lost its theatrical release alongside countless other movies, and then… we kind of forgot about it.

Now, though, My Spy is finally coming out, just in a slightly different way than originally intended. According to Deadline, distributor STX has sold it to Amazon Prime, and the streaming platform will now be releasing it on June 26, which is almost a year after the release of Stuber. However, in a weird twist, Deadline notes that My Spy did actually get a theatrical in some regions already, having grossed about $200,000 in a small Canadian rollout and “close to $5 million” in other international markets. Amazon also may offer it up for drive-ins and other theaters that have managed to open, but it’s unclear if that’ll happen by the June 26 release date.

The movie stars Bautista as a CIA operative, tasked with monitoring some family, whose hidden cameras and microphones get discovered by a “precocious 9-year-old girl.” In exchange for not blowing his operation, the girl makes Bautista agree to teach her spy skills. Then they probably bond and become friends, maybe with a point near the end where they stop being friends and then one of them has to reaffirm their commitment to being friends. That’s what usually happens in movies.

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