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Dave Bautista on whether or not he'd appear in a Fast And Furious movie: "I'd rather do good films"

Photo: Rich Polk (Getty Images)

Dave Bautista has always been the squeakiest of wheels when it came to his film career, never shying away from letting us know just who he is and isn’t willing to work with/for. While his list of film credits continues to expand, fans are all too eager to cast the former wrestler in some of their other beloved franchises. Since the Fast And Furious era appears to stretch far beyond any horizon that we could ever imagine, it seems perfectly reasonable to suggest that he eventually get behind the wheel. When one fan dared to dream of Bautista playing a hypothetical villain in a totally hypothetical Fast And Furious spin-off opposite fellow wrestlers-turned-actors Dwayne Johnson and John Cena (who will star in Fast 9), Bautista responded on Twitter with a couple of choice vomit emojis and the tag #idratherdogoodfilms


Of course, what makes a “good” film is entirely subjective. While Bautista was fortunate enough to get the Marvel Studios treatment early in his film career, he also appeared in Escape Plan 2, as one Twitter user pointed out, which only scored a Rotten Tomatoes score of 9%. Bautista not only stood by his “good films” statement, but defended his time on the ill-fated Escape Plan sequel, which starred Sylvester Stallone.

Bautista ultimately has the right fashion his career however he wishes, and it’s not as if anyone from Universal Pictures was seriously offering him a role, so it doesn’t necessarily matter what he thinks. Still, we have to ask: Has he seen the Hobbs & Shaw trailer? How could he not throw himself at a franchise with wildly implausible stunts and a glimpse of Helen Mirren? Maybe he should think this over.

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