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Dave Bautista joins the second season of Apple's post-apocalyptic drama See

Photo: Rodin Eckenroth (Getty Images)

In his star-making appearance in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Dave Bautista played a guy who vowed that nothing could ever go over his head because he would catch it first, and now he’s heading over to Apple TV+ to play a guy who will miss all sorts of stuff that goes over his head (because he’ll probably be blind). According to Deadline, Bautista is going to star in the second season for Apple’s See, the post-apocalyptic drama about future humans reconstructing society after a virus killed almost everyone and left the survivors unable to see—except for the two children of Jason Momoa’s character, who were actually born with sight.

We don’t know who Bautista will be playing, but Deadline does say he’ll “star opposite Jason Momoa,” so it must be a reasonably big role. There’s also no word on when season two of See will premiere.


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