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Part of the hypnotic draw of iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader is his deep voice, supplied by the gravelly timber of legendary actor James Earl Jones, along with what sounds like the kind of breathing apparatus that would be attached to an iron lung. But what, YouTube’s SeinPop Official supposes, if Darth Vader sounded a bit different? A bit more excitable, say; apt to get wound up about seemingly inconsequential matters while trying to keep his Stormtroopers in line?

In the above clip, you’ll hear Darth Vader with the voice of Jerry Stiller’s Frank Costanza, beloved father of Seinfeld’s George. Costanza-as-Vader, as you’ll see, would like to give all the Stormtroopers name tags. He also seems less interested in the Force than he is his eventual migration to Florida. It’s a fun take on two classic characters, even if we’d have loved to hear him describe the Death Star as “the place to be.” 


If the video only whets your appetite for more Seinfeld/Vader mashups, SeinPop pulled the same trick a few years ago with the booming baritone of J. Peterman, who seemed unclear about what, exactly, constitutes a catfight among Stormtroopers.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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