It would appear that Darren Aronofsky’s follow-up to the career-rejuvenating The Wrestler has been set. Maybe.

After toying with a possible Robocop remake for MGM—an idea that appears to be more tabled than killed at this point—Aronofsky will try an unusual form of literary adaptation with Black Swan, a supernatural drama fashioned out of Nassim Taleb’s nonfiction bestseller about random and improbable occurrences. The project had been in turnaround at Universal since 2007, but with Natalie Portman attached to the project in the lead role, its status has been elevated from theoretical to plausible. The premise has Portman as a ballerina preparing for a major performance against a rival dancer, but it’s possible that her competition may be an apparition or a delusion. No word yet on whether Hugh Jackman will be available to float around in a giant bubble.