An easy way to make anything better is to put it in space. Wars become Star Wars, Lost becomes Lost In Space, and Friday The 13th becomes Jason X, all of which are vast improvements over their boring Earth-y counterparts. A young actor and screenwriter named David Weil is aware this, and he used that knowledge to write Moonfall, a screenplay that The Wrap refers to as “a Fargo-like thriller set on the moon.”

Also according to The Wrap, a number of prominent filmmakers are reportedly interested in picking up Moonfall, which makes sense since “Fargo on the moon” is one of the best totally-out-there pitches we’ve ever heard. The only actual name that The Wrap is attaching to the film, though, is Noah’s Darren Aronofsky, who reportedly “read and liked” the script. As the site points out, that doesn’t mean he’ll produce or direct the movie, but it is something, at least.


However, the especially interesting thing about all of this is that nobody seems willing to explain what exactly “Fargo on the moon” really means. If it’s a murder mystery, then isn’t simply being a murder mystery set on the moon unique enough? Does the Fargo nod mean that the movie will be full of quirky people with folksy Moon-esota accents? What does a Moon-esota accent sound like? Would it be planet-ist of us to make fun of their weird accent? What if we did hacky observational comedy about how Earth people drive like this, but moon people drive like this? Hopefully Moonfall will answer all of these questions if it ever becomes a movie, because we don’t want to accidentally offend any stupid moon people.