Fresh off his last work of speculative fiction, Darren Aronofsky is reportedly developing a new HBO series based on Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy. The story—based on Atwood’s novels Oryx And Crake, Year Of The Flood, and MaddAddam—is set in the mid-21st century in a world ruled by corporations, whose obsession with genetically modified organisms has reached grotesque heights. All of this takes place in the period immediately before and after an apocalyptic “waterless flood” that kills most of the world’s population, a concept that presumably appealed to Aronofsky because he’s sick of walking around with wet socks all the time. Atwood will serve as a consulting producer on the project, which was brought to HBO by producer Brandi-Ann Milbradt (who also happens to be Aronofsky’s fiancee). This will be Aronofsky’s first project with HBO after his Protozoa Pictures signed a first-look deal with the cable network back in January; whether or not Russell Crowe will appear in a potato sack remains unknown.