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Dark Souls III is officially coming, will kill you and everyone you love

Dark Souls III

Do you remember happiness? Or sunlight? Or gentle hugs from people who care about you? Well, soon you won’t, because From Software is officially making another oppressively miserable Dark Souls game, one of the few video games where “oppressively miserable” is somehow a good thing. The game, Dark Souls III, was officially unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and though publisher Bandai Namco showed off a moody trailer full of mysterious images and giant dudes with fire hands and crazy swords (this is Dark Souls, after all), we still don’t really know much about what will be new or different this time around.

Dark Souls III will be available in spring of next year on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and a press release says that it will be a “dark and brooding fantasy adventure,” but that’s all we’ve got. In true Dark Souls fashion, we’ll just have to slowly approach the game with our fingers on the shield button if we want to learn more about it. Best case scenario, Dark Souls III is a return to form after the mixed response to Dark Souls II. Worst case scenario, Dark Souls III is one of those fake video games that turns into a monster when you try to play it.


You can see the Dark Souls III trailer below, but we’re not responsible if it also turns out to be a trap that kills you.

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