You sort of know, in advance, that “nothing burger” is going to be named “word of the year” or “phrase of the year” or something, assuming “nuclear holocaust” or “atomic swamp” doesn’t overtake it first. The phrase has been spouted with increasing amounts of self-satisfaction by talking heads and political-sphere types since mid-summer, leading to a rash of explainers and etymologies. Hey, it’s been around since ’50s! It vastly predates Donald Trump Jr.’s light acts of treason.


Anyway, perhaps inspired by this delightful resurgence in the phrase’s popularity, someone recently went to McDonald’s and, using the restaurant’s automated kiosks, ordered a burger sans onion, ketchup, mustard, pickles, cheese, bun, and beef patty. It cost $0.99 for an empty bag.


There is a metaphor here for politics or voting or something.


Or—wait—maybe we’ve found Banksy?