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Dare ye gaze into Fuller House’s yawning, nostalgic maw?

Everywhere you look, dead spouses and extraneous relatives.

All containment efforts having been exhausted, and all fervent prayers having gone unanswered, it may finally be time to accept that Fuller House is on its way. Certainly, that’s the narrative Netflix is trying to push today regarding its necromantic exercise in ’90s nostalgia, unleashing new set pictures to show off its second-generation stars toiling fashionably in the purgatorial prison that is the Tanner clan’s San Francisco home.


As expected, stars Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber are all on display, with Cameron Bure reprising her role as a newly widowed D.J. Tanner, forced to move in with her sister Stephanie and childhood friend Kimmy Gibler in the wake of her husband’s death.

They’re joined by D.J. and Kimmy’s kids, who we assume will spend the show’s initial 13-episode run slowly coming to terms with the fact that they, too, will someday lose a spouse, and then be forced by the Tanner family curse to try to stuff warm bodies into a house that can never actually be full.


Meanwhile, D.J. and Stephanie’s older family members and assorted uncles toil on the house’s haunted Cameo Couch, scheming for a way to lure little sister Michelle (and the twin life-forces that animate her, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) back into the fold. “Have mercy,” they scream, voices howling in despair as John Stamos fumbles out an eldritch Beach Boys lick. “Have mercy on our souls.”

Fuller House is expected to begin airing on Netflix on February 26.


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