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D'Arcy Carden trades The Good Place for HarmonQuest in this exclusive clip

Illustration for article titled DArcy Carden trades iThe Good Place /ifor iHarmonQuest /iin this exclusive clip
Screenshot: HarmonQuest

So far, season three of HarmonQuest has recruited Kate Micucci and Joel Kim Booster to help its band of adventurers reach the Beast Of Beginning, whose defeat will hopefully undo all that world-ending stuff from last season, and maybe release Fondue’s (Dan Harmon) spirit from a sword (a lot has happened). But Buer (Erin McGathy) and Boneweevil (Jeff B. Davis) might have found their most powerful ally yet in D’Arcy Carden—or rather, Hydronai Sessapoiya, the character Carden voices in an upcoming episode. This isn’t the first time the gang has encountered Hydronai, but in this exclusive clip, she’s finally ready to join the team.

Whether or not she’s doing so to actually help or just further her own ends remains to be seen, but who wouldn’t want to work with D’Arcy Carden—sorry, Hydronai Sessapoiya—to reverse some horrible mistake, thereby saving the world? You can catch the rest of the episode Sunday on VRV, which is indeed a thing, i.e., a streaming platform, one of the 50 or so we have these days.


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