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Illustration for article titled Danzig says he was asked to play Wolverine, wouldnt have done it as gay as Hugh Jackman

There had been rumors around for years that Danzig was once approached to audition for the part of Wolverine in the X-Men movies, despite the fact that he's not really an actor, but all of that seemed a little dubious at best until LA Weekly asked him about it in an interview that ran this week. In it, Danzig says he was, in fact, approached—for what that's worth—but that he's glad he didn't do it because the movie was terrible. He has apparently not seem X2.

The real classic Dan-zinger comes when the reporter asks the Misfits frontman how he would have played the role differently than Hugh Jackman. The response? "It wouldn't have been as gay."


Danzig also points out that the director's original choice for the role was one-time '90s buzz dude Dougray Scott, who "had a falling out with the director," that ultimately led to the hiring of Jackman. The official story is that Scott was held up playing the villain in Mission: Impossible 2 for an extra two months and couldn't fit the role into his schedule.

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