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Danzig built a torture castle for his upcoming heavy metal festival

(Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Outside the occasional Portlandia sketch, or weirdly humanizing trip to the grocery store, Glenn Danzig is usually pretty good about staying on brand. (That brand being: DARKNESS.) So it’s not entirely surprising to hear that his upcoming heavy metal camping festival Blackest Of The Black will feature not just performances from Danzig’s own band (plus Suicidal Tendencies, Corrosion of Conformity, Ministry, Suicide Silence, Discharge, Atreyu, and Marduk), but also a full-fledged “torture castle.”

That’s courtesy of Consequence Of Sound, which notes that “Castle Danzig” is just one of many attractions—including “roaming demons” and a presumably very spooky face-painting contest— available to the glamping headbangers attending Blackest Of The Black. A cavalcade of “pain, pleasure, and metal, based on the music and graphic novels” of Danzig himself, the exhibits will give fans the chance to pretend they’re living inside a heavy metal album cover (or modern-day non-democratic regime). Experiences on offer include being placed in stocks, “light electrocution,” being locked in a padded cell with a straitjacket on, and—don’t do a Google image search on this one if you’re feeling squeamish—being suspended 20 feet in the air via hooks and piercings inserted into your back. (There’s also apparently an “oversized Ouija board” for campers who really want to go nuts.)


Anyway, all the torture-y fun kicks off on May 26 in Silverado, California. Meanwhile, Danzig is currently set to release a new album, titled Black Laden Crown, later this year.

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