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Danzig announces new album with totally metal cover art

(Photo: Getty Images, Scott Gries)

Last year’s Misfits reunions weren’t enough to convince Glenn Danzig to really get back together with his old bandmates, but that won’t stop him from finally releasing more music on his own. Via a press release, Danzig has announced Black Laden Crown, his first new album since Deth Red Sabaoth in 2010. It will contain “50 minutes of long-awaited, brand new Danzig music,” and it will be available in “mid-May.” Other than that, the only information we have about Black Laden Crown is its predictably intense album art, which oddly doesn’t feature anyone wearing a crown, black laden or otherwise.

(Image: Nasty Little Man)

The press release also teases that Danzig will be touring this summer in support of the 25th anniversary of Danzig III: How The Gods Kill, and you can find more information about that and his new album at this link.

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