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Danny Trejo wants Betty White for his “Die Hard in a retirement home” movie

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Prolific Machete star Danny Trejo turned 72 this year, a development that doesn’t seem to have even slightly slowed down the dozen or so low-budget productions that IMDB says he’s currently working on. (Or his recently debuted L.A. taco joint, Trejo’s Tacos.) Still, Trejo’s advancing years have had at least one impact on his career, serving as the apparent inspiration for Social Security, a crowdfunded action film Trejo describes as “Die Hard in a retirement home.”


Created with director Craig Moss—whose vigilante Bad Ass movies, funded through Fox’s now-shuttered low-budget division, have been a regular Trejo haunt—the movie would see the fiercely miened actor playing himself for once, trying to stop jewel thieves from wreaking havoc in a senior citizen community. (Trejo has pledged to donate profits from the movie to help prevention of senior citizen abuse.) The movie is currently being funded through Indiegogo—with rewards including a car, a year’s supply of Trejo’s Tacos, and a chance to let Danny Trejo punch you in the face.

Although, if Trejo and Moss want to land their dream actor for the project—Betty White, as revealed in an interview with The Wrapthey’re going to need a lot more than $27,000 they raised so far. Everybody knows Machetty White doesn’t foil murderous jewel thieves for anything less than $50k. (We don’t actually know that that’s true.)

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