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Danny Trejo saves child from car wreck with his big, warm, powerful arms

Can you even imagine?
Photo: Rachel Murray (Getty Images)

Good news, folks: It’s Wednesday night, which means you’ve survived half of another week in this godawful, relentless downer of a world. As a reward, have a feel-good news story about that rarest of things: A famous man in Hollywood who does not appear to suck.

Specifically: Actor and Machete star Danny Trejo, who, according to ABC News 7, intervened in the aftermath of an auto accident tonight, helping to get a small child away from the damaged vehicles. Working with another bystander, Trejo reportedly stepped in after two cars collided and one ended up flipped over on its roof. Crawling into the wreckage, he and the other participant helped free a young child from his car seat, moving him away from danger, and into the obvious safety of Danny Trejo’s big, warm, comforting arms.


Oh, and apparently the kid in question also had special needs, and so Trejo spent the intervening time between his rescue and his grandmother’s (nobody was seriously injured, happily) comforting him, talking with him, and, well, we’ll let Danny tell you: “He was panicked. I said OK, we have to use our superpowers. So he screamed ‘superpowers’ and we started yelling ‘superpowers.’ I said do this, with the muscles. He said ‘muscles.’ We got kind of a bond. I kept facing him away from the accident.”

Aw, jeeze, our eyes.

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