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Danny Trejo is opening a taco joint

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While the world may know him as the gruff-yet-charismatic badass whose career has slowly grown from bit parts to anchoring his own action franchise, Danny Trejo is much more than someone who punches things. He also enjoys food, and not just in the way that someone will mention on a first date as a means of communicating that they have no actual facts about themselves to share. Trejo’s passion for making bread animals is well documented, but, more importantly, he loves tacos. He loves them so much, The Flama reports that the actor is opening up his own taco place in Los Angeles.

Trejo’s Tacos, as the shop will be called, is set to open sometime this month. It’s housed inside a former Taco Bell, which is perhaps just a little too on the nose for a taco joint owned by an actor famous for injecting some authenticity into the empty husk of Mexploitation offered up by latter-day Robert Rodriguez films. The inside design will feature: black Venetian plaster, which represents Trejo’s signature leather pants; black leather upholstered seating, which represents Trejo sitting down in his signature leather pants; and black-and-blue tile murals, which represents the color of your bruises, should you dare complain about the quality of your tacos.

You can see picture of the taco shop over at LA Eater. It features a fake desert landscape surrounding the building, to create that authentic feel of a studio backlot that also happens to be located on a busy street in La Brea—just like the old-timey taco shops of yore. We’d say more, but this is the kind of place we would 100 percent stop and get tacos at, were we in L.A. right now.


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