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Danny Trejo is known for never turning down a part. According to IMDB, the man has 12 movies in post-production right now. But he’s not working off a tax debt or a punitive alimony settlement— according to the Nerdist’s Youtube channel, Machete’s just trying to keep himself in that sweet, sweet brioche.


Complete with ‘80s style graphics, Danny Trejo’s Breadanimals “exposes” the hyper-macho action star’s passion for carving animals out of bread. Trejo’s creations range from a pretty badass alligator to a completely unintimidating turkey, all carved with big scary knives on what looks like the set of a Dexter porn parody. This is what Danny Trejo is like in real life, of course, and not an opportunity to have fun with his onscreen persona and plug his movie Bullet at the same time. Either way, that turtle is pretty cute. As Trejo says, “if you like Machete and Julia Child, you’re going to love Breadanimals.”

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