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Furthering his efforts to become much more than "that guy who played Jonathan on Buffy The Vampire Slayer," Danny "Jonathan on Buffy" Strong will follow his recent signing to adapt a Da Vinci Code sequel and the successful TV movies Recount and Game Change with a series for CBS, which Jonathan will write just like the time he wrote his autobiography, except this time it won't just be an augmentation spell. The show that Jonathan wrote will be about lawyers, because it's on CBS—specifically the real-life father-and-daughter team of Murray and Stacey Richman, who are known for their colorful clients, ranging from hip-hop stars to members of the mob, and for Murray's quippy demeanor. David O. Russell is on board to direct the pilot while Robert De Niro will produce through his Tribeca banner, the two esteemed filmmakers obviously being huge Buffy fans. "Hey Jonathan, remember that time you used a magic bone to put Buffy in a time loop? I laughed my fuckin' ass off. You're a good kid. C'mere," Robert De Niro will say on set, putting Strong in a playful headlock while he fumes in silence, wishing De Niro would shut up about Buffy for just one day. Not likely, Jonathan. Not likely.


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