AVP: Requiem

Danny McBride was easily the strangest addition to the Alien: Covenant cast, but the Eastbound & Down actor wants to make it clear that you shouldn’t go looking for any comedic relief in Ridley Scott’s follow-up to Prometheus—from him or anyone else. In an interview with HitFix, McBride admitted he’s just as surprised as anyone that he’s in this movie. When McBride first took a meeting with Scott to talk about a mysterious upcoming, untitled sci-fi project, he didn’t quite know what he was getting into until he saw some of the concept art and connected the dots. “Jesus, this is fucking Alien. He’s talking to me about Alien right now.”

“Then I got the script, and I’m like this shit is dark!” McBride continued. “There is no comic relief in this at all. This is a dark horror movie. And that was exciting. To be able to step into something like that and to participate in a way that’s not relying on things I’d done before.”


McBride will play the pilot of the Covenant spaceship, and there will be no funny business. While Scott has promised a “hard-R rating,” he doesn’t promise any jokes. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone familiar with the Alien films, which aren’t exactly known for landing laughs. Scott had some fun with The Martian, but it’s back to basics for scary alien shit in Covenant. The horror film will indeed include Noomi Rapace in some capacity, but no comedy, okay?! Don’t go looking for jokes ’round these parts.

[via Screen Rant]