If you’re among the 115,000-plus followers of @KFUCKINGP, which purports to be the primarily dick-obsessed ramblings of Eastbound And Down’s Kenny Powers (as well as the recently added account posing as Kenny’s assistant, Stevie Janowski), you’re unlikely to be dissuaded by the revelation that the account is not the work of star Danny McBride, the Eastbound writers, or HBO. But in the interest of clearing things up before the start of the show’s second season on Sept. 26, both McBride and the network have been reaching out to make sure no one accidentally confuses lines like, “I like my women how I like my coffee… Hot, wet, and no pubic hair” for officially sanctioned promo material. Recently, @KFUCKINGP added the caveat that it is not affiliated with the program or HBO in any way, and today McBride sent Vulture an e-mail to distance himself from it, while also making a salient point about Twitter and its use by ostensibly full-grown men:

"Kenny Powers is a full-grown man, so he would never Twitter. But Kenny is also a man of the people. He doesn't care if the public feels the need to impersonate him. That just puts him up there with the big dogs like Santa and Elvis. Knowing that it's a very funny committed fan makes us proud."

Vulture went one step further and tracked down that fan, who is identified only as a “a twentysomething from New York City with aspirations in comedy writing,” and who hopes his “ghost-tweeting” might be his “big break”:

“Please, anyone at Gary Sanchez Productions, Funny or Die, or even the freakin' Paul Reiser Show," he says, "if you've liked what you've seen and want to bring me on in any damn capacity, reach out to me at ILikeToParty@me.com and let's chat."


“Ghost-tweeting”: Could it be the “gag writing for Sid Caesar” of the new millennium?