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Danny Huston is playing Jessica Lange's (probably doomed) boyfriend on American Horror Story

Though American Horror Story: Coven is only a month away from its premiere, and it already boasts an enormous cast of guest stars, anyone who’s watched it knows it’s never too late for AHS to just keep piling on more and more stuff. So over the weekend, Ryan Murphy also welcomed Danny Huston to the cast, saying, “Jessica Lange’s got a sexy (and dangerous) BF this year.” The erstwhile Magic City star joins a past roster of Lange love interests on the show who didn’t exactly have the best time of it—because the show isn’t titled American Well, That’s A Nice Story. Still, this is the first time one of them has been called “dangerous,” suggesting Huston’s character harbors some secret of his own that will make him more of a match for Lange’s glamorous witch lady. For example, maybe he has a snake for a dick.


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