Danny Glover is set to take on his first series regular role in Fox’s Touch, the previously reported new drama that Heroes creator Tim Kring has been allowed to make. As we also noted earlier, Kiefer Sutherland is still set to star as the widowed, probably permanently emotionally wracked father to a mute, autistic boy who possesses the strange ability to predict the future—and confirming that this is all essentially a mash-up of the films Mercury Rising and Knowing, Glover will play a professor who specializes in helping children who have special gifts when it comes to working with numbers. Perhaps he can explain why autistic children who are also mute and/or deaf are always so handy with that sort of thing. Anyway, Glover’s turning from film to the greener pastures of television creates an overwhelming urge to work in a reference to how he is getting too old for this shit, the holding in of which could likely cause the mental version of a kidney infection, so: He probably looked around his last movie set and was like, “I’m getting too old for this shit.” There. That was healthy. Now you try it.