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Danny Boyle in talks to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Steve Jobs biopic

Sony Pictures’ Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic of Steve Jobs may have found a new director. As previously reported, David Fincher recently declined to helm the movie, dashing the hopes of those who wanted to see the team behind The Social Network reunite to tackle the life of another technology mogul. Instead, Sony has turned to Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle, who has in turn reportedly approached Leonardo DiCaprio to star as Jobs. So audiences may have to settle for seeing the team behind The Beach reunite to make a better movie.

Neither Boyle nor DiCaprio have signed a deal yet, so this is, as always, subject to change. Fincher’s original choice to play Jobs was Christian Bale, who could tease out the superheroic undertones of Jobs’ rise to prominence. On the other hand, DiCaprio has more recent experience playing a captain of industry. Still, neither Bale nor DiCaprio bears as close a physical resemblance to Jobs as Ashton Kutcher, so maybe both should bow out, rather than risk getting caught in his shadow.


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