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Danny Boyle drops out of Bond 25

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Photo: Bryan Bedder (Getty Images for IRC)

After years of rumors and rumblings about what would happen with the 25th James Bond movie—referred to as Bond 25 until we get a real title—Daniel Craig finally confirmed last year that he would once again be picking up the old Walther PPK and downing some shaken-not-stirred martinis as the famous super-spy. A few months later, Danny Boyle began to tease that he might be directing Bond 25, and he made the news official back in May. This seemed like a good sign, considering how lousy Spectre was, but we should know by now that nothing ever really works out for Daniel Craig’s Bond.


As reportedly by The Hollywood Reporter, Boyle has now dropped out of Bond 25, citing—as everybody in Hollywood does from time to time—”creative differences.” We have no idea what that means in specific terms, but as far as we know, Craig is still set to make what will probably be his final appearance as Bond. This shakeup probably won’t open the door for, say, Idris Elba to replace Craig, but considering how troubled the production has been so far, there’s no telling how much of a setback this will be for Bond 25.

Either way, production was supposed to start in December, so the search for a replacement is now on.