Fulfilling its mission to warn you of the dangers of wasted youth, Danny Boyle is planning a 20-years-later sequel to Trainspotting, a movie that will be a 60-second pan over a row of tombstones on the Scottish Highlands. Or rather, something potentially even more depressing: A return from the original cast—yes, including Ewan McGregor, who’d finally be burying the hatchet with Boyle after their late-‘90s falling out—for a follow-up “very loosely based” on Irvine Welsh’s Porno. Talk of adapting the author’s own Trainspotting sequel has been around for years now, with Boyle saying last summer he’d begun working on a draft with Jonny Lee Miller and was planning to approach the rest of the cast when it was ready. That time is apparently now drawing near, with Boyle telling The Playlist at SXSW that Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge is actively working on the script and that they’re optimistic for a 2016 release. “It’ll be just like The Big Chill, only instead of washing dishes to Motown, they all O.D. on heroin,” Boyle did not say, so maybe don’t worry?