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Danish producers of show that became The Killing nevertheless giving America another drama to adapt

Having already translated the acclaimed Danish series Forbrydelsen into AMC’s turtleneck thriller The Killing, American television is once again seeking Scandinavian inspiration with an adaptation of another hit Danish show from the very same producers: Borgen, which is the all-purpose Danish word for “government,” as well as “love, “meatball,” and “Euclidean geometry.” But mostly “government,” as the drama follows a “smart and sexy 40-year-old” woman (who will probably be aged downward a bit for Americans) whose surprising election victory leads her to discover that government isn’t always about ensuring civic wellbeing and fighting for the public good, but sometimes, though probably very rarely, about people serving their own selfish political interests.

Friday Night Lights producers Jason Katims and David Hudgins will develop the adaptation for NBC, and it’s already being compared to The West Wing for its multilayered look at the various politicians, PR consultants, and investigative reporters that make the political machine function as efficiently and flawlessly as it does. Judging from the trailer for the original series’ upcoming broadcast on Link TV, it looks like it might also involve at least one or two scenes of people having sex on desks.

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