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Daniel Radcliffe to go undercover with white supremacists (in a movie)


Now that’s he’s pretty far removed from his days at Hogwarts, Daniel Radcliffe is getting ready to shave his head and join up with a gang of white supremacists for his next film. (Don’t worry, he’s actually going to be an undercover FBI agent, but we don’t want to blow it for him.) That comes from Deadline, which reports that Radcliffe has signed on for the starring role in Imperium, a movie about neo-Nazis trying to make a dirty bomb. (Plus the heroic FBI agent who spent years infiltrating and shutting down their operation, but shhh!)

The story is based on the actual life of Michael German, an FBI agent who worked undercover in white supremacist militia groups, and German co-wrote the screenplay with director Daniel Ragussis. (Imperium will be Ragussis’ feature directorial debut, so don’t tell anyone.) This comes as Radcliffe is enjoying a Radcliffaissance of sorts, with the former Boy Who Lived also appearing in the upcoming Swiss Army Man, Victor Frankenstein, and a BBC dramatization of the history of Grand Theft Auto. (He probably won’t be in Chris Columbus’ Harry Potter sequel, though, because we don’t think that’s actually going to happen.)


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