Now You See Me 2

When it comes to most successfully transitioning from beloved child star to beloved adult actor, Daniel Radcliffe is currently giving Neil Patrick Harris a run for his money. Sure they’re both super charming and they both have the singing-and-dancing thing down, but Radcliffe also makes appreciably weird choices in his film career, which gives him a leg up among cinephiles. And now he’s apparently trying to win over TV fans as well, by praising the internet’s two favorite shows: Stranger Things and Game Of Thrones.

Radcliffe stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show on Wednesday to promote the UK releases of both Swiss Army Man (a.k.a. his farting corpse movie) and Imperium (a.k.a. his white supremacist movie). He also mentioned that—much like everyone else in the world—he’s a big fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things. So when he found out that the Stranger Things kids Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin were going to be on the show the next day, he immediately asked the host to pass on a message to them:

Oh my god, okay, can you, like, just tell them that I think they’re amazing. And can you say that, as a person who started out acting really young, how are they so good? I wasn’t that good when I was a kid. Have the decency to be less good at acting, please, when you’re so young.


The Breakfast Show then played that message for Brown, Matarazzo, and McLaughlin the next day, and they were all appropriately overwhelmed by the compliment. Brown, meanwhile, called out Radcliffe’s self-deprecation about his own childhood talent, stressing, “He was Harry Potter.”


Apparently determined to cover his bases when it comes to beloved TV shows, Radcliffe also threw some love to Game Of Thrones this week. In an interview with Digital Spy he explained that he’s generally hesitant about the idea of starring in a TV show because it might limit his ability to do other projects. But when asked if he’d like to appear on Game Of Thrones, he added, “I would love to. If they want to just bring me in and fucking kill me, I would be so happy to do that.”

So there you have it—in the course of two days, Radcliffe managed to further endear himself to genre fans while proving his cred as a self-aware dude who’s totally down for a darkly comic cameo. In other words: The ball’s in your court, Harris.