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Daniel Radcliffe joins Zachary Quinto in cartel drama, We Do Not Forget

(Photos: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images; Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Daniel Radcliffe’s post-Harry Potter career has seen him outwitting a coterie of magicians and infiltrating a group of white supremacists, but he’ll be performing a different kind of sleight of hand in his latest project. Deadline reports that Radcliffe has just joined Zachary Quinto in the cast of We Do No Forget, a fictionalized account of the real-life feud between the Anonymous hacktivist organization and one of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels. Stranger Than Fiction scribe Zach Helm, who’s writing the upcoming Jumanji sequel, will direct from his own script, with Antoine Fuqua producing via his Fuqua Films production company.

First Look Media snapped up Helm’s project, which is inspired by the short-lived conflict between Anonymous and Los Zetas, which is purportedly the largest, most brutal, and most technologically-advanced cartel in Mexico. Back in 2011, the hacktivist group reportedly stumbled upon 25,000 Mexican government emails filled with info on the Zetas, including members’ names. Anonymous threatened to release this info after one of its members was kidnapped by Los Zetas. The cartel responded with its own threats, which made Anonymous think twice about the information dump. The kidnapping victim was eventually released, though the Zetas reportedly didn’t realize who they had been holding hostage.


There aren’t many other plot details available for We Do Not Forget, the title of which comes from Anonymous’ creed. Quinto and Radcliffe’s roles haven’t been announced, but they could very well play hacktivist bros or even members of the cartel, since that seems to be the route Hollywood’s stuck on these days.

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