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Daniel Holden gets an offer he can’t refuse in this exclusive Rectify clip

The second season of Sundance’s Rectify has slowly circled around the one question the show’s first season didn’t seem much interested in answering: Did Daniel Holden (Aden Young) actually commit the crimes that put him on death row for 19-years? And even if he was cleared of those charges, would anyone in his small, Southern hometown believe he was innocent? That latter question hangs over the following exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, “The Great Destroyer.” When Daniel’s attorney, Jon Stern (Luke Kirby), mentions the possibility of a plea deal—which would send his client back to prison, but extend Daniel’s stay of execution permanently—Daniel raises sincere doubts about the prosecution’s motivation. Rectify will continue to dig at these hard truths of guilt and innocence for the next two Thursdays, with its second-season finale set for August 21.

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