All byyy myseeeeelf…

Presumably causing all the men in the room to look down at their shoes and clear their throats uncomfortably, Daniel Craig, the current actorly incarnation of iconic secret agent James Bond, says in a new interview with Esquire U.K. that Bond, despite his neat gadgets, beautiful women, and tropical vacations, is actually a deeply lonely man.

While the whole playboy routine may be fun at first, Craig explains, it’s a flimsy band-aid on a hemorrhaging wound of devastating emotional emptiness. “There’s a great sadness,” Craig says. “He’s fucking these beautiful women but then they leave and it’s…sad. And as a man gets older it’s not a good look. It might be a nice fantasy–that’s debatable–but the reality, after a couple of months…” We’ll just go ahead and finish Craig’s statement for him: After a couple of months (or years, or decades), eventually that shit stops being cute.


But Craig is trying to be a better Bond: “Hopefully, my Bond is not as sexist and misogynistic as [earlier incarnations]. The world has changed,” he says. (Considering earlier Bonds had no qualms about smacking around their conquests, being less sexist than that shouldn’t require too much effort.) “I am certainly not that person. But he is,” Craig adds, suggesting that you can lead an aging secret agent into the 21st century, but you can’t make him treat women with respect.

[h/t The Hollywood Reporter]