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Quantum Of Solace

Everybody wants to be James Bond these days: Gillian Anderson, Hugh Jackman, even Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba (no matter how often they try to deny it). In fact, there seems to be just one actor in all of Hollywood who’s completely free, Zen monk-like, of the worldly desire to step into 007’s fashionable shoes: current James Bond star Daniel Craig.

The notoriously fuck-free actor is so over MI6’s famous superspy, in fact, that he’s now in talks to appear in Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming heist film Lucky Logan, a movie which is definitively not the follow-up to last year’s Spectre. The film—which will feature very little in the way of Aston Martins, Walther PPKs, or carefully crafted martinis (at least, if Daniel Craig has anything to say about it)—centers on a major robbery taking place at a NASCAR race in North Carolina. It’s also expected to star Katherine Heigl, Channing Tatum, and possibly Seth MacFarlane, still apparently looking for a million ways to die in the South.


Logan is one of a handful of non-Bond projects Craig is using to work off his current, wrist-slitting frustrations with his famous character. He’s also expected to co-star in Purity, a TV adaptation of a Jonathan Franzen novel that’s in the works at Showtime, and continues to appear regularly in the frustrated dreams of the Bond franchise’s MGM producers, who would really like him to stop no-fucking around and help them turn the giant money faucet back on.

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