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Daniel Brühl's Zemo seems to be getting his old ski mask for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

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Photo: Pietro D’Aprano (Getty Images)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has an established history of doing little tweaks on iconic comic villains to make them fit tonally with the rest of the universe and to provide a little surprise for comic readers who may go in expecting something else—like, say, Iron Man 3 turning legendary terrorist The Mandarin into a drunken actor. In fact, the reveal that Daniel Brühl’s Zemo in Captain America: Civil War is not a mustache-twirling Master Of Evil in a purple ski mask is kind of the whole point of that story, showing the human toll that The Avengers’ heroics can take if they’re not careful. Brühl’s Zemo is coming back for Disney+’s The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, though, and it looks like he might be taking some fashion inspiration from his comic counterpart this time around.


Brühl posted two photos of himself as Zemo on Instagram, along with some Marvel-related tags and The Winter Soldier’s activation code from Civil War, with the first photo featuring a clear shot of Zemo’s face and a thick furry collar on his jacket. He’s clearly not in prison here, implying that he’s had a positive change in scenery since the last time we saw him (to be fair the government had a whole Thanos snap thing to worry about), but the more interesting photo is that second one. It’s blurry, looking like a threatening video that a supervillain would send to the good guys, but it seems pretty obvious that Zemo is wearing purple ski mask—a direct nod to his regular comic book costume, which involves a big furry collar, a purple mask, and a little crown. There’s no crown here, but he could always pick one up over the course of the show.

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